Custom Lighting

Shop Drawing

At Trinity, we understand that many companies offer custom lighting, which is why we bring something extra to the table: efficiency. A business needs to be capable of managing time and staying on schedule to be efficient and grow in their industry. What sets us apart from the competition is our response time and project management skills. We pride ourselves on staying on the schedule our clients set.

Custom lighting is hard to comprehend and can be complicated, at times. There are many options and styles to choose from that you can add onto a lamp. The first step in the custom lighting is being aware of the clients’ needs and wants. Once we have the written specifications of what our client wants, we start the drawing process. Our shop drawings are normally done within 24 hours of finishing the written specifications.

Clients are shown the shop drawings to get their approval, make any new additions or changes that are needed. As soon as the drawings are approved, we start the sample-making process. The samples are finished within 30-40 days. Our quick turn-around on the shop drawings and finished samples helps us stay on schedule and makes our clients happy.

For more information on our custom lighting process, please contact us today.