3 Questions Purchasing Managers Should Be Asking Suppliers

Woman supplier answering the phone

Receiving quality supplies quickly and efficiently is critical for business. Without these factors, companies can wind up wasting time and money they could have saved by working with a different contractor. Purchasing Managers can avoid these potential problems by asking the following questions before agreeing to work with a supplier.

1. Describe a recent quality issue encountered by one of your customers and explain how it was rectified.

Quality issues will happen, but how they are handled says a lot about a company and whether or not they are someone you should work with. By asking this question, you will learn what procedures they have in place to find and resolve quality issues so you can be sure your needs will be met. A supplier should work diligently with you to solve quality issues and resolve any problems as quickly and efficiently as possible, so make sure their answer shows their willingness to do so.

2. What kind of team do you have in place to make sure projects run smoothly?

Whether you are working on a custom project or a brand implementation, you will want to know what team the company has in place. Every project has many aspects for completion including design, technical, overseas production, shipping through customs, quality control checks and shipping to the property. All of these components require an experienced person to complete the task properly. Before you agree to work with a company, you will want to know that they have a solid, experienced team in place to see your projects through.

3. What is your shipping capacity?

Shipment delays can often come down to something as simple as how many docks are available. A company’s shipping capacity is key to receiving and shipping product in a timely fashion. You want to work with a company that has a shipping department large enough for the volume of work they are doing. A low capacity shipping department can create delays with getting product in and out in a speedy fashion; forcing you to wait on product that is otherwise ready to ship.

Trinity Lighting’s program team works with their overseas staff to keep a close eye on inventory and make sure orders are fulfilled on time. From there, they have quality control and shipping departments in both the United States and Asia to oversee all of the nuanced details of an order. All of these departments and people make each order a priority and work diligently on every detail to keep things as simple as possible for the customer. With ten docks available for delivery and pick up, they have the ability to get both large and small orders out quickly and efficiently. Trinity’s attention to detail and their large shipping capacity allows their customers to save both time and money.